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Southwest Florida’s Conservation-based, Custom Kayak Fishing Charter Guidance and Angling Instruction  - Established 2002

Personalized Paddle Instruction and Guided Kayak Paddle Tours for all ages and abilities in Southwest Florida - Established 2002

Top of the Slot:  This U.S. Marine 2nd Lt. lassoed a 27” redfish in 12” of water in Osprey.

Wild & Scenic:  Featuring 2011 Wilderness Systems kayaks; swift, silent, safe and stable!

Welcome aboard, my friend.  If this is your first shallow water voyage here, please allow me offer you the hospitality of these pages until the morning we look one another in the eye, shake hands at the back-country water’s edge, take up paddle, spin or fly rod and “become acquainted with the locals.”  Light tackle freshwater and saltwater angling is my passion.  Until they pry the paddle from my hands, this is exactly what I do:

  1. 1. Yippee Kayak Fishing! - Custom kayak fishing guidance and  ACA Certified paddling instruction from Sarasota and Southwest Florida;

2.  Myakka Kayaka - Personalized, individual or small group kayak tours, camping trips, snorkeling trips and wild card travel.

I provide everything you, your friends or family need for a squared away day or night on the water, a fair and lasting value for all ages and abilities.

Thank you for stopping by. You are why this site was created:  to publish my approach to providing an original, custom or personalized kayak fishing service in Southwest Florida.  Challenge yourself.   Learn how to make the most of your gift of time on the water.  Witness the Miracle of Creation.  Here you will get a taste for fresh and salt species found on our beaches, mangrove islands, shallow saltwater grass flats, tidal passes, creeks, rivers and lakes, from south Tampa Bay, Sarasota, Venice, Englewood, Placida, Boca Grande, Matlacha, Pine Island, Charlotte Harbor, Cayo Costa State Park to the Everglades National Park.

Kayak.  From the Inuit word, Qayak, meaning hunter’s boat.”  I can conjure up no finer phrase to convey my conservationist approach to fishing for the past 30 years.  Nothing stirs my soul like the predatory instincts flowing up my spine in each silent stroke of the paddle, feeling the boat surge beneath me and hearing nothing except the twitch of baitfish and the popping of snook in the mangroves.  First, with paddle, and then with hook and line.  “When you connect with the water, you connect with the fish,” I say.

Almost ten years ago I led my first fishing charter by kayaks and my first float trips down the Wild and Scenic Myakka River, what people now call Eco-Tours.  My promise to you right here and now is the same as then when I printed my first business cards:  honesty, honor, courage, commitment, integrity, responsibility, safety, quality, professionalism, humility and yes, fun.  I believe that these values – essential as symmetrical knots and sharp hooks - will keep life on an even keel and allow us to connect on the water - instead of “on line.”  When you are ready, squeeze the trigger and hang on.

“Paddling Changes Lives.”

                 -- David Howell Martin,  Sarasota, Florida -- 2010       

“Yippee Kayak! -  Saddle Up, Let’s Roll, Y’all”

     “Stepping through the mangroves, a spider web comes taut and breaks across my face and my face breaks into a grin in the blackness knowing no one passed here.  Launching, listening, praying.  A few hard strokes will stop the shivering.  With each pass the paddle edge carves another swirling eddy in the kayak wake.  Any thoughts of the burdens on shore disappear down the salty whirlpools, vanishing in each vortex through twelve inches of turtle grass, baitfish and showering bioluminescent comet trails of mullet bolting beneath my deathly silent bow.  Tempting to stop and cast.  No, push on.  Make the creek mouth bar by dawn.  Gliding the last boat lengths, I take a long pull on the canteen when a slashing boil dead ahead carries through the low mist.  Locking on the sound, making the old two-gun border shift - paddle to rod - I aim the rod tip past the rippling arc and hold still, breathing, giving thanks for this miraculous  blessing of freedom before the day’s first cast.  Don’t rush it.  Stay loose. There!  Now! Go!

All information and Imagery on this website  protected by Copyright unless otherwise noted.

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Self Portrait - Your host, David H. Martin -- January 21, 2011, Sarasota, Florida on the ten-second countdown timer and “fog so thick we could paddle without putting our blades in the water.”  I paddled away and this 30” Red slipped away in the other direction.  Stay tuned for “The Ultimate Release” video on my Imagery page.  Yes, this is a home-made site, and all photos are real, un-doctored and slightly blurred by adrenaline.  This day started in thunder, rain and lightning.  I went anyway!  And and caught my largest red of the year.  So far.  Life is short. Fish on.

Redfish on the Half-Shell - Let me help you cut through the fog of fishing hype surrounding the kayak fishing sport I love and shave years from your learning curve.  There is no substitute for the experience.  Not every day yields a 30” Redfish.  Still, I promise to teach you how to connect with the water because...

“...once you connect with the water, you connect with the fish!”  -- David H. Martin 

Are you waiting for the perfect day?  Let me tell you about mine.


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